Ramadaan Boeber Run – Week 1

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For the first Ramadaan weekend Boeber Runs we visited Lansdowne on Friday 2 July, and Wynberg on Saturday 3 July. Alghamdullilah, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors Spice Mecca who provided the Boeber Mix and Islamic Relief South Africa who contributed milk, we were able to feed almost 800 people over the weekend. We were also blessed by having Husami Feeding Scheme join the Boeber Run on Friday. They brought along their famous Soy Breyani. On Saturday evening, the Wynberg East Neighborhood Watch joined the Boeber Run with their Pot of Breyani for our guests.

Both evenings were very well supported ; we were able to offer our guests a warm cup of boeber or soup, sandwich, punnet of breyani, piece of fruit, clothing and a warm blanket. Our female guests also received sanitary towels. It was great seeing our guests again at both venues; we caught up with some old friends and made new friends on both evenings.

We met a new guest - Aunty Jenifer who has been living on the streets for nearly 30 years now.
She had moved to Cape Town from Upington looking for work. She had been retrenched several times already and as can be expected, frustrated by the lack of job oportunities available. Living on the streets has been her only option.
What impressed us about Aunty Jenifer was that she had raised her son on the streets. Larenzo is now 20 years old .

Aunty Jenifer was most grateful for her "Goodie Bag" as she called it and said the most beautiful prayer of thanks to the group that was there.

Aunty Rose and her daughter at Wynberg are both doing well, and it was great to see the excitement on both their faces as they chatted about the upcoming matric ball. Yes, she has made it to matric!!!!

Sadly, not everything went that well this weekend. Saturday morning we woke to the news of the passing of Uncle Frikkie. We had just fed him and given him a warm blanket the night before. Unfortunately, the cold evening resulted in him having breathing difficulties – he was an asthma sufferer. Uncle Frikkie’s passing highlighted the struggles faced by the homeless. They are in desperate need of our assistance.

We look forward to seeing you all this weekend at the Parade and New Horizons Boeber Runs.

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