The Boeber Run is a monthly initiative whereby runners of all fitness levels get together at various locations throughout Cape Town and run to various informal squatter camps to feed and clothe those less fortunate.


  Tygerberg Children’s Hospital ICU beds: Tygerberg Children’s Hospital looks after approximately 25,000 children in the outpatients’ department and admits approximately 13,750 babies and children to its wards annually. Of these admissions 1000 babies and children are so severely ill or require such complicated surgery that they need admission to either the paediatric or neonatal intensive care unit.


The Ihata Shelter is on the Cape Flats of Cape Town. We mainly serve the local disadvantaged female community, where women are often poor, uneducated and sometimes illiterate.

Since inception in February 2006, the Shelter successfully assisted, clothed, counselled, empowered and sheltered over 511 residents (231 women of all races and religions and 280 young children aged newborn to twenty-years old), and counselled over 580 outside clients seeking assistance with domestic abuse/violence situations.

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