The Ihata Shelter is on the Cape Flats of Cape Town. They mainly serve the local disadvantaged female community, where women are often poor, uneducated and sometimes illiterate.

Since inception in February 2006, the Shelter successfully assisted, clothed, counselled, empowered and sheltered over 511 residents (231 women of all races and religions and 280 young children aged newborn to twenty-years old), and counselled over 580 outside clients seeking assistance with domestic abuse/violence situations.

They respect the courage, dignity and honour of our residents.

The Shelter Provides:

  • A caring, clean and safe haven with sheltering from 24-hours to 6-months
  • Time and space to reflect on the future
  • A creche facility with a qualified creche teacher
  • Three healthy home-cooked meals
  • Clean clothes, basic toiletries and bedding
  • Arts & Crafts classes (jewellery, card-making, sewing, quilting and more)
  • HIV/Aids and Abuse educational programmes
  • Occupational Therapy and counselling sessions
  • Play therapy for the young children
  • Prayer facilities and daily spiritual upliftment
  • Referral to legal, medical and/or other professionals
  • Skills and upliftment workshops
  • A community/thrift shop
  • Healing Music, Laughter and Gardening therapy
  • Parenting and Life Skills
  • Employment opportunity assistance
  • Healthy organically grown vegetables
  • Kindness, care and support

Some Shelter Victim Comments

“The shelter workshops made me see I was an abuser, and showed me how to change”

“My parents abused me. Here I was taught to be strong and to say NO to abuse”

“The shelter workshops and counselling made me feel beautiful and strong again”

 “No marks will you see, but my heart’s scars will never heal from his words and actions.”

 “I’m grateful for everything at the Shelter”

 “I am respected here”

 “My mommy smiles now and I’m happy”