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We’re About Much More than Just Raising Funds for the Less Fortunate.

Other Projects that Lace Up For Change are involved with include:

Tygerberg Children’s Hospital looks after approximately 25,000 children in the outpatients’ department and admits approximately 13,750 babies and children to its wards annually. Of these admissions 1000 babies and children are so severely ill or require such complicated surgery that they need admission to either the paediatric or neonatal intensive care unit. TCH require 10 paediatric ICU beds, 5 paediatric high care beds and 5 neonatal high care beds. For the Department of Paediatrics to achieve their goal of delivering high standards of care to children from almost exclusively indigent families they will need to raise approximately R5 million. It is conservatively calculated that to activate 1 intensive care bed would cost R500,000. Each bed would need a ventilator, cardiac monitor, infusion pumps, specialised incubators and other specialised equipment. The Lace Up for Change Crew will be participating in several major sporting events throughout the year which include but are not limited to: The Cape Town Cycle Tour, The Two Oceans Ultra and Half Marathons, Woolworths Triathlon, the Soweto Marathon, with the aim of raising funds towards the purchase of these ICU beds.

This program, in collaboration with organizations such as Ihata Shelter, social workers and or counselors assist these woman and children with coping and overcoming the trauma that they have faced while at the same time preparing them to participate in one or more of the many road running races on the Western Cape Race Calendar.

This is a monthly event where runners meet at various locations throughout the Cape Town region and run 5km’s to the nearest informal settlement. On arrival, we feed the homeless a warm cup of boeber, and depending on the donations received, we may also offer a sandwich, clothing & toiletries.

The Ihata Shelter is on the Cape Flats of Cape Town. They mainly serve the local disadvantaged female community, where women are often poor, uneducated and sometimes illiterate.
Since inception in February 2006, the Shelter successfully assisted, clothed, counselled, empowered and sheltered over 511 residents (231 women of all races and religions and 280 young children aged newborn to twenty-years old), and counselled over 580 outside clients seeking assistance with domestic abuse/violence situations.
They respect the courage, dignity and honour of our residents

In collaboration with The Brittle Bones SA, we participate in various road running races hosted in Cape Town with some really special guests. Our Wheelchair Participants are Osteogenesis imperfecta(OI) patients. OI or Brittle Bones is a genetic disorder characterized by bones that break easily. These events are about raising awareness of the condition, and giving these children an opportunity to participate in an event/s that they would usually be shunned from.

All events/ programs will rely on the generosity of the private, commercial & government sectors in order to achieve success as we Lace Up For Change to make a difference to the lives of those most vulnerable.

What They’re Saying About Us

I was amazed by the work Lace Up For Change has done in our community. I’ve seen them put smiles on a lot of children’s faces

– Fatima Allie –

What a great experience doing the Boeber Run and meeting extraordinary people. Keep up the good work Lace Up!

– Ameen Bowers –

Lace Up for Change has enhanced the lives of many people.

– Karin Peterson –

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