The Belhar / Valhalla Park Boeber Run started at the KFC on the cnr of Polka & Belhar Drive. Runners ran the 4.3km’s down Stellenbosch Arterial towards Modderdam Road and finished at the Freedom Farm.

We were warmly welcomed by Aunty Rachel and the community who had some Fire galleys going to keep us warm.

Aunty Rachel has been doing phenomenal work in the community ensuring that all the kids are attending school and she is extremely proud of the fact that in almost 2 years they have had no teenage pregnancies and drugs has been pretty much eradicated from the area.

She runs a feeding kitchen from her shack and this is funded by her grant and the odd donations that they receive. Her wish is to start a community garden that will help make them more self sufficient.

From Freedom Farm, we headed to Ross Street in Valhalla Park, where we were overwhelmed by the amount of people waiting for us. Magmoedah and her family, who invited the Boeber Run to Valhalla Park, had arranged for the road to be cordened off as well as security for the vehicles.

Although the residents of the area have a brick and mortar home, they are still heavily impoverished. Many have very little food and electricity in the home.

At both sites, guests were given a warm cup of Boeber or Soup, sandwiches, fruit, clothes and a blanket courtesy of Islamic Relief SA.

Having fed just over 700 guests, the need to offer more self sustaining projects has again been highlighted and Lace Up For Change are exploring different avenues to assist our guests.

Anyone wanting to get involved in setting up these self sustaining projects is welcome to email

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  1. Warna Samsodien says:

    Alhamdulillaah myself and my family live being part of this cause every week.Will miss it in the upcoming weeks that Irfaan and his wife is away. Can’t wait for the next one though In Shaa Allah.

    1. Faizel Jacobs says:

      Alghamdoelilah and we to will miss Mr Boeber Run for the next 2 runs.

      We will fly the flag in his absence

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