Boeber Run To Eastridge / Kapteinsklip

Sunday 17 November instalment was special in so many ways but 2 reasons stand out.
Our LU4C Ambassador, Sadiqa Parker has been suggesting that we visit Kapteinskilp for some time now, and finally we were given the opportunity to go there.

Then also, this edition of the Boeber Run was facilitated by one of our younger #TheCrew members Sufiyan Davids, and his family. It is encouraging and heart warming to see our younger volunteers embrace the spirit of charity and helping those less fortunate.

With that said, we thank Sufyan and the Davids family for welcoming this initiative into their home.
About the Boeber Run…

This one was different to the norm in that it took place on Sunday morning instead of the usual Saturday evening. The day started at 6:30 am with making 400 litres of Akni and 120 litres of Boeber.

Although we were expected by the residents of the area of Eastridge, and the Kapteinsklip Informal Settlement, as soon as word got out that we have started, the excitement started building.

As can by seen in the video below, Alhamdullilah the day went off very well, and we were able to offer our guests a warm punnet of food, sandwich, party packet for the children, fresh fruit and of course, a cup of Boeber.

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