Being involved with the Boeber Run for 3 years, one would have thought we have seen it all by now.

Freedom Park Boeber Run was as an experience not soon to be forgotten. Freedom Park, formerly an informal settlement which has recently been upgraded to formal housing, is located in Mitchell’s Plain, one of the biggest townships in Cape Town. Freedom Park was established in 1998 when a group of backyard dwellers occupied a plot of vacant land which had been zoned for a school that was never built. The residents of Freedom Park lived without basic services like water, electricity and sanitation until 2001 when the municipality provided these basic services. A livelihood analysis conducted in the area in 2004, revealed challenges of crime, drug abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence and community conflict and high levels of food insecurity with 64% of residents reliant on social grants.

We were welcomed by approximately 1500 eager guests excited to experience the Boeber Run for the very first time. #TheCrew soon realised the desperation on our guests faces as they were concerned that they would not all receive their cup of Boeber, punnet of Akni, packet of fruit, sandwich or 5l water. Alhamdullilah, every guest received their fair share of goodies.

The Melomed team was also kept extremely busy as our guest made full use of the free basic medical screening offered.

Despite the concerns of venturing into  the area, we were warmly received and the evening turned out to be a resounding success.

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