The Lace Up For Change Crew is pleased that we are able to assist and Get Hadjira Harker enrolled into High School.

We first met Hadjira at Freedom Farm when Aunty Rachel introduced us to her. Aunty Rachel noticed her playing with the kids from Freedom Farm. She learnt that both of Hadjira’s parents were absent and she was being raised by her elderly Grandmother who could no longer afford to send her to school. After about 2 or 3 years, Aunty Rachel made a plan and got Hadijira enrolled in the local Primary School.

At 16 Years old, Hadjira had finished Grade 7 and is now finally at high School. For the short term, Hadjira hopes to find a club where she can learn to swim. Her long term goal is to matriculate and pursue a career in medicine and help people in need.

Lace Up For Change has arranged for her school fees to be paid for the year, 1 pair of school shoes, 2x school skirts, 3x schools shirts, 4 pairs of school socks, 1x sleeveless jersey, 1x jersey, plastic and brown paper to cover her school books and a stationery pack with the essentials .

Handing over her uniform and stationary, Hadjira become very emotional. She was thankful to Lace Up For Change because up until now, only 2 people had her best interest at heart; her grandmother and Aunty Rachel (not her real aunty).

We will be checking in on Hadjira regularly and provide you with updates.¬†We wish her well for the academic year ahead and look forward to supporting her as she reaches for her dreams In’Sha Allah (If God so wills).

Anyone wanting to get involved with supporting this phenomenal young lady is welcome to contact us by emailing

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