A venue that always holds a special place in my heart, is the Parade, for Boeberrun.
On our July Boeberrun, runners ran along the main road from the Voice of The Cape studios, to the Grande Parade where our guests eagerly awaited their arrival.  A chilly evening was soon warmed by with smiles, laughter and a greeting of friends old and new.

TheCrew themselves were blown away by the unexpected numbers of additional volunteers from the Husami Masjid in Cravenby.  Not just did they show up in their numbers, but with hearts wide open, Alhamdulillah.

Our guests at the Parade, District 6, and Trafalgar field were served the usual warm cup of boeber, soup, some warm food, fruit, a grocery hamper, a blanket, and items of clothing.
As an organization, we are extremely grateful for the many blessings bestowed by the Almighty who has paved the way for such good hearts to be part of this work that we are trying to achieve.  Thank you to our many donors, big and small, for your involvement.  A special thanks to Dairy Mart, Spice Mecca, Melomed, and our friends from the Husami Masjid. Your Support and generosity are greatly appreciated, and we pray that the Almighty grant you and your families an abundance of favours Ameen.

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