Sadiqa Begum Parker

Lace Up For Change Ambassador

Asalaamu Alaikum

I am Sadiqa Parker – 35 years old – single mother of 3 children and this is my story.

At the age of 15 my beloved mother fell ill – with the dreaded illness we all know as CANCER.
20 years ago parents never believed in educating their children about how to deal with CANCER or even what CANCER is, they didnt believe in sharing any details with us as kids. We for some reason were just not supposed to know, i still dont understand the logic or the reasons behind this way of thought. Well, mom passed on wen i was 19.

I continued life uneducated about CANCER and wat it is or how to cope or deal with it wen someone close to me would ever be affected again on my lifes journey. I lost a number of friends – family – to this CANCER.
Some where on lifes path with alot of my friends dying young, i realised its time to start taking some much needed care of myself and my health if i was to attempt to even live just a little bit longer.

Early 2017 my younger sister was diagnosed diabetic. I told myself this road is not for me. Thats when i started to try even harder to try and change my whole lifestyle. I see her in her struggle. Regular check ups @ the day hospital and she is not one to talk to or try to advise abt healthy living etc.

17 June 2017 the day after i had completed my very first 10km race and it was also the day after my 34th birthday, this night was my very first BOEBER RUN experience, that night i briefly met a very remarkable gentleman whom i had no idea at that time would become like the brother i never had. The night of 17 June 2017 @ Belville Station i found my purpose.

As the year progressed and a bond of friendship was formed, upon this foundation as i had gotten to know Faizel Jacobs i started learning more about CANCER as he lives to educate. I was introduced to Lace Up For Change and the more i got to know the more i had a burning desire to become a part of it.

Running just for the sake of weightloss is no longer a good enough purpose for me.
I have found a purpose and if given the opportunity i would like to fulfill my purpose to the best of my ability by doing my bit to make a change in this world.
Running for Charity will add value to my experience and it will help keep me motivated because i know Lace Up For Change is depending on me and i wont want to let them down.
I am motivated by my late mother whom loved life and also touched the hearts of everyone that crossed her path, she would share her last with those she loved.

As Brand Ambassador for Lace Up For Change i aim to not only create awareness and educate about CANCER & DIABETES and other common life threatening illnesses but i also aim to motivate and inspire each and every person i knw to start living a healthier life TODAY. There is no time like the present. Dont wait until its to late. AND IN THE PROCESS HELP RAISE MUCH NEEDED FUNDS TO KEEP LACE UP FOR CHANGE GROWING FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH SO THAT THEY MAY CONTINUE DOING THE AMAZING WORK THAT THEY DO..

I Greet you
With Love & Respect
Asalaamu Alaikum
Sadiqa Begum Parker

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