Since the Pandemic, Covid-19 first surfaced in Wuhan China, the world was thrust into an uncertain landscape and South Africa has been no different.
As we have come to learn over the last six days, COVID-19 combined with the lockdown is having a serious impact on every family in every community and we are finding that the most vulnerable people from poor and working-class families especially are struggling. Relief workers and volunteers are no longer able to just spring into action as the health & safety protocols normally employed have now changed.

With this in mind, LU4C has decided to partner and collaborate with other non-profit organizations in an effort to leverage on each others strengths in order to drive initiatives that would support the most vulnerable during these trying times. All such initiatives will be undertaken through maintaining social distancing for both our guests and volunteers and be aligned to all government regulations and health and safety protocols during the lockdown.

One such initiation is the Cape Town Together – Community Action Network (CAN). Cape Town Together is a rapidly developing community-based response to COVID-19 and it’s growing every day! Their aim is to inspire ordinary people in every community to form local Community Action Networks or CANs. We want to help communities self-organise to take action at the neighbourhood level to educate each other with accurate information, support the most vulnerable and high-risk residents, and share ideas and resources with other CANs across the city.

LU4C has initiated the formation of Strandfontein CAN which is made up of community members & organizations such as 9 Miles Life Saving & Hope of South Africa – HOSA who are already active within the informal settlements around the Strandfontein area which includes 7de Laan, Masidani, City Mission & Oppermansoord. Historically, it has been mostly the children from these areas that are fed on a regular basis.
Now, with the lockdown, the adults are not able to attend to their daily / casual jobs which means that there is absolutely no earnings to feed their families. The Strandfontein CAN will be looking at supporting the 5 community managed cooking points to feed approximately 1000 people daily.

The Strandfontein CAN, since Tuesday 31 March 2020, has been able to supply the necessary ingredients and resources to feed the community until Sunday 5 April 2020 and we are therefore appealing for support in the form of donations.

Although LU4C has the necessary permits to move about, we are also trying to limit our exposure to the virus and as such is appealing that all donations be made via Bank Transfer to:
Bank: FNB
Acc Name: Lace Up For Change
Acc Number: ‪62663867003‬
Branch Code: 210528
Reference: Covid19

COVID-19 reminds us that we are all interconnected, and that this is a time for solidarity. We need to draw on our collective wisdom, and our collective energy. We will help to ensure that all our activities follow guidance from the Department of Health. We hope to find creative ways to support one another without risking spreading the virus.

“God does watch over us and does notice us, but it is usually through someone else that he meets our needs.” – Spencer W. Kimball

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