Completed another mid-week BoeberRun.

What was initially thought to be quick and ‘small’ distribution, thankfully turned out to be a full on evening with Boeber Runners able to serve in excess of 600 people on the night, algamdulillah.

We were in awe again by the support shown by the BoeberRun community which allowed us to surpass our initial expectations. Your love and support enables us to offer every one of our guests with something to eat Alghamdullilah.

Again, we thank all of our donors and sponsors and especially the ‘Husami Bros’ from the Husami Masjid, Cravenby

Aunty Gaybah, the community mother, who is doing a sterling job in the area, was especially emotional by the support shown.

Details of the next Boeber Run will be posted shortly. We look forward to your continued support.

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