Alghamdulliah, being apart of this movement has exposed us to so many wonderful people from various areas who have found themselves im dire straits.

An invitation from Reyana Emandien to host the Boeber Run was graciously accepted by the crew. Once again, we were overwhelmed by the warm greeting from residents in the area. It speaks volumes that adults young and old, disabled, children, all will queue out at 11pm to get something warm to eat. Something as simple as a punnet of Akni, a warm cup of Boeber, a sandwhich and a few pieces of fruit. Our guests, asking to have there photos taken, sharing laughs & stories made for an enlightening evening Alghamdullilah.

What was alarming, was the number of school aged children from the area that are not registered in any school for various reasons. Surely we have a problem with society when the basic right to an education is not enjoyed BY ALL. This means that all human rights apply to everyone. International human rights law guarantees the right to education. … Both individuals and society benefit from the right to education. It is fundamental for human, social, and economic development and a key element to achieving lasting peace and sustainable development.

The easy way out here is to blame government, and yes, we would be right in blaming the government. Sadly, as a “New Democracy” we do not have the greatest track record when it comes to service delivery and with elections around the corner, pretty much all you r”major” politically parties are singing the same old tune they have been singing, we promise you…

Fact of the matter is that ALL of your Political parties are so intent on discrediting their rivals that those at grass root level end up in a continual struggle after each and every election. Focus is placed on areas that offer the best opportunity to window dress.

Grass Roots involvement is needed. We need to rally as a humanity to address issues that affect those less fortunate. We need to look at creating self empowerment opportunities. But what can I do you ask… get involved, be it with Lace Up For Change or any other organisation that wants to make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate.

Our hope is that we can continue to encourage more people to join in on these events and grow the Boeberrun’s efforts to cover more areas on a more frequent basis and be able to offer self empowerment opportunities to those who really need it.

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