Ramadaan being the special month that it is, is even more special for #TheCrew; it is a reminder of where, and how we started this campaign. Week 1 of the Boeber Run saw us visiting 7de Laan (Strandfontein) & Montrose Park, Mitchells Plain.

4 years ago during Ramadaan, we were serving a handful full of guests. By the end of Ramadaan during year 2, the intention was made to host a Boeber Run monthly, until the next Ramadaan. All Praise due to the Almighty, our campaign has grown, and are we able to serve more guests, and the portions served, have increased. What started off with soup and boeber, we now serve our guests @SpiceMecca boeber / soup, sandwiches, warm food, bread, fruit, cold meats and the occassional sweet treat. We also acknowledge and appreciate the generosity of our community for their continuous involvment and support.

We are also pleased to welcome back our friends from @MeloCare who offer free basic health screening to our guests at all of our Boeber Runs. Alhamdullilah the support from the Melomed Crew has been amazing.

The fact that our campaign has grown, speaks volumes to the socio economic conditions we find ourselves in. If our rate of growth has been what it is, what about those more established organizations. We have to break away from the drop-and-go efforts and look at more self empowering projects.

We humbly ask for your cotinued prayers and support that we are allowed to evolve into an organization that can truly empower those most vulnerable in our communities. We have tried with some projects, and have failed. Alhamdulillah every failure is a lesson learned so that we can improve how we do things.

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