Having completed the first weekend of the Ramadan Boeber Run program, one cannot help but be filled with a sense of pride and sadness. We realise how lucky we are to have a warm bed, food and dry clothes every night and how thankful one needs to be and give thanks to the Almighty whilst at the same time asking Him to keep the less fortunate warm and filled.

Reflecting on the past weekend, we are extremely proud of the growth we have experienced over the last 3 years and even more proud of our younger Crew Members who, God willing, will continue to support our guests… Sad that the need for help is not dwindling.

The amount of new faces at Hart Nursery (our meeting point) was an encouraging omen for the evening ahead. On arrival at Bonny Town, we were again greeted with warm smiles and cheers from our guests, who were excited to see us and made a point of enquiring why it took so long for us to return. Friendships rekindled, tears and laughter shared, there isn’t anything more rewarding in life than being able to have a truly meaningful conversation with someone. Being able to lend an ear and converse with someone in a way where they feel valued and you begin to see how much they appreciate being spoken to as an equal and not anything less.

Following our all too brief visit, we had to be off to see our guests in Broad Road. Very surprising but an all too familiar sight of new faces greeting us due to our regular residents having been chased away by City Police. However, the need for a sheltered, how ever small, corner to sleep on is so desperately in need, the vacant spots are filled up soon enough with new faces and sadly this is how the cycle continues.

Saturday evening saw us visit our guests in Lansdowne at Osmans and Flamingo Crescent. Here too were we greeted with cheers and smiles and an appreciation for our visit. With blessings from above, we had enough donations left over which meant that Sunday Morning, #TheCrew visited their favourite distribution points to hand out punnets of food.

Over the 2 evenings our guests received a warm cup of Boeber, punnet of food, a sandwich, a piece of fruit and an item of clothing.

We still have 6 more events during Ramadan and as usual, we are always in desperate need of clothes, especially boys and mens clothing and shoes and with winter fast approaching, we are sure our guests will appreciate your hand me downs 🙂

A reminder that you can now support the Boeber Run by donating products online via our website: http://www.laceupforchange.org.za/donations/

Alternatively, direct deposits / EFT’s can be made to:

Bank: FNB
Account Name: Lace Up For Change
Account Number: 62663867003
Branch & Code: Goodwood Mall 210528
Reference: Boeber Run

For more information or donation drop off/collection arrangements, please feel free to inbox us or email thecrew@laceupforchange.org.za

Throughout the month, we will also be taking donations for the Lace Up For Change Bursary Fund. This fund is aimed at putting children from the streets or informal settlements back in school giving them an opportunity to move ahead in life.


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