Al Wida Ya Ramadaan… Saturday, 9 June 2018, yet another rainy and icy winter evening in Cape Town and the final Boeber Run for the blessed month of Ramadaan, Algamdoelilah!
The meeting place was the Bay View Caltex service station where a handful of cheerful, huddled up volunteers trickled in from 21h30 onwards. A pleasant welcome and opening dua by Irfaan had passed and off to New Horizons we were.
Greeted with a bone chilling coldness, the residents of New Horizons and volunteers lit up the cold, dark evening with melodious murmurs of qiraa. The convoy seemed to have tripled all of a sudden and what had at first glance seemed like chaos took order within minutes and the guests were ready to be served.
Approximately 20 minutes into serving, a volunteer expressed: “imagine the desperation for food if a mother wakes up her small kids at this hour to queue for it”. This hit home. We often complain that it’s too cold; too wet, we’re too tired; too broke, and most times we are and justifiable so in layman’s terms… however, after a simple observation voiced compassionately by a sincere hearted volunteer, we can only realise how privileged we are in comparison and how much barakah we should already be grateful for. [Surah Ibrahim 14:7 “If you are grateful, I will give you more.”] Thanks to the efforts and generosity of various volunteers Algamdoelilah, the guests were able to receive the usual warm cup of boeber, some fruit, a sandwich or two, a loaf of bread, a warm punnet of breyani and were gratified for the evening’s blessings which would fill their tummies and warm their hearts for the next day or two.
As fellow South Africans we have come a long way and earned our hard won democracy but we do not yet have our freedom….. For there is still a very high unemployment rate, huge social injustices and poverty is like an epidemic with the majority of our citizens living below the poverty line. We can only overcome these huge obstacles by banded together with the spirit of Ubuntu which South Africa is famous for globally. For us to be able to make a Difference, we have to be the Difference.
Al Wida Ya Ramadaan… May the Almighty grant us the opportunity and the resources to continue with our charitable deeds and may the Almighty ease the hardships of the less fortunate and continue to place barakah in all of our lives, IA, Ameen!!! #boeberrun #ramaadaan2018 #LU4C


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