Vehicles packed, enroute to the November edition of the Boeber Run, we are greeted by this site - you cannot help but feel the divine support from the Almighty with the light shining through the gloomy skies; we were headed to light up the evening for our guests.

Alhamdulillah, we were still collecting donations as we headed out to meet the Boeber Run entourage in Ottery.

The evenings blessing continued with the amount of new faces, and in particular the young students who joined in on the festivities... They really had Irafaan and Faizel scrambling on the 5km run!

On arrival at Bonny Town, we were again greeted with smiles and cheers from our guests who were excited to see us enquiring why it took so long for us to return.

The Breyani Bros were in full support again serving up warm punnets of breyani for our guests who each received their cup of boeber, fruit, sandwich and an item of clothing. Melomed was also present to offer basic medical screening and advice to our guests.

As most of you would know, we have 3 rules at all of our Boeber Runs:

  • We do what we do purely for the sake of our Almighty and sharing on social media platforms is to encourage others to participate or do similar
  • Always treat our guests with dignity and respect
  • Get to know at least 3 guests and their stories.
Our resident photographer Zaahid met up with Pa and shared his interaction with us.

Amongst the tons of people meandering around, I hear this tune playing……something that reminds me of back in the day watching Spies en Plessis with my late father.

I look up and I see this well dressed old gentleman, clothed in a brown two piece suit standing in the queue listening to some ‘boere orkes’ music on his cellphone.

I decide to approach this interesting person to have a chat.

“Wat luister Oom na?” I respectfully ask? “Bietjie lang arm” he quips.

I introduce myself and ask the gentleman what is his name – “Pa. Noem my net Pa, dis wat almal hier my noem” he replies. So Pa goes on to say this music reminds him of ‘back in the day’ when he was a resident of Parkwood, “… daar naby die BP garage” he replies – much to my amusement though, as he tries to explain, it soon became apparent that it was before my time. I did not hesitate to acknowledge in the affirmative though, so that Pa could continue with his story reminisce about the good old days. I could only yet but try to piece the story together as he told it with so much gusto and enthusiasm.  We then chatted further about his family which he says is still back there (why he left, we will not dwell in, but lets just say, it was a funny story, just the way he expressed himself)??  Pa has been at the Bonny Town since 2008 and claimed to love it there as he has his own “place” and people treat him well.

Unfortunately, time caught up on us and we had to part ways, hopefully just for the evening but perhaps this calls for another chat to hear more of Pa’s gems of the “olden days” and listening to more of his “lang arm treffers”.

We have been very fortunate over the years to meet some amazing people at the Boeber Runs and have grown to appreciate and tolerate the difference in people. Our hope is that we can continue to encourage more people to join in on these events and grow the Boeber Runs efforts to cover more areas on a frequent basis.

Keep an eye out for details of the next Boeber Run which we hope to be a very festive and special occasion In’Sha Allah Ameen


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