Looking through the photographs taken during the Boeber Run, and reflection thereof, I cannot help but think of the more than 50 victims of the massacre that took place in the New Zealand city of Christchurch during Friday Prayers. The harsh realities of a world filled with intolerance and hatred reared its ugly head again, and yet, they world can rally in support to the people of New Zealand.

I also cannot help but be reminded of how the homeless are treated, and feel a deep sense of sadness for the state of our humanity. All of a sudden, I cannot help but smile and feel hopeful for the future as I scroll through the images taken during the Wynberg Boeber Run.

Why smile, you ask, its simple – the number of children that have joined us, and eagerly offer a helping hand to those many often give a wide berth to by most. These kids were in the thick of it. Not just did they run, but they rolled up their sleeves and helped bring a little joy to our guests.

All of a sudden, there is hope for humanity, all of a sudden I am reminded that nobody is born with hatred in his or her heart, these are traits that are learned behaviours, taught by parents and role models. I am reminded that we, the “responsible adults” hold the future in our hands by the lessons we teach our children. It is not just about speaking of tolerance and love for your fellow man, rather, it is about showing tolerance and love for our fellow man. After all, our children learn from our example.

As a group, we would like to applaud the parents who bring along the future to teach by example. We applaud you to giving us hope that the future is in infact in good hands, in nuturing hands. To quote the late Whitney Houston: ” I believe the children are our are future Teach them well and let them lead the way”

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